Santas of society :)

Life has always been an adventure in terms of finding it’s purpose. What are we here for ?? To make a living, to have a status, to earn-spend-pay bills, to help one another and be kind??. Too many options!!! Time is lost in understanding where to draw the line between selfless and self focussed.

Stephen Covey rightly says – ‘The key to life is not accumulation, it is about contribution’. Have you ever had thoughts of how by sharing your talent, your art, your love, your kindness you could make a difference to someone’s life, even if it meant bringing a smile onto one’s face??. The impact your efforts or your behaviour could do to someone’s life is magical. Has your talent, education, nature done any good in making someone really look upto you or get inspired by you??. Your degrees, your certificates, your prizes, your art and talent – how have these done good to you or they just lie in your cupboard for years catching dust?.

Think it over, while I share with you the contributions of some real life heroes.

My sister in law is really good at art and craft. The time I first met her like 10 years back, I got to know she loved art, painting and she was good at handicrafts etc. Cut straight to 10 years later of her marriage – she now has a small room for her paintings and art. Here is where she sketches, she takes classes for those who want to learn, does her canvas paintings, soap making, sets up summer camps for learning etc. This room also has an additional hall made into a mini Library which she has named as ‘Joy book club’ – this library has books for children in majority compared to the ones for adu


he got the idea of setting up a library for her apartment kids, post her Boston visit. In America, there are many children’s libraries for the best use of their time to gain access to knowledge and grow. But in India that’s very rare. No wonder the kids these days are attracted to video games, mobile games and less active in reading books or going for outdoor games. She currently has over 40 kids visiting her library :).

This could be one way of utilising your time, putting your talent to use etc. Another story of inspiration is more on spreading joys with the less privileged. A friend of mine shared a story of how his friend, a stock market broker working in Patna, spends his free time in government schools with kids, teaching them, sharing gifts, playing with them and spending quality time with these kids. The photos I came across his Facebook page are very joyous and full of selflessness.

Contribution to society could be in any form – individual or as a group, by sharing your knowledge, art and talent or by just spreading smiles in your own little ways. This joy of sharing is unmatched and truly the best. Making a difference in even one life can turn out to be the most happiest moment or achievement in your life.

You can definitely try it!!

Remember, every small act of kindness no matter how small, has a ripple effect.

Hope you have come across thoughts of utilising or spreading joys in your own little ways to make this world a better place :).

Learning new could be fun!!

Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose – Simon Sinek.

How many times have we felt life without a purpose?? We reach a stage many times where we are saturated, bored, find no purpose to make an impact etc.

As the wise saying goes – You are your biggest asset. During these times of unworthiness, is when we need to begin to make an investment in ourselves. An investment to begin learning something new, be it a skill set or a music

al instrument or pursue a course for education, martial arts etc – something you wanted to be a pro at, or have passion to pursue. Something that was long lost due to prior commitments, work etc. Something you were so passionate as a kid that you still have that spark inside you – hidden and flickering with the urge to be brought out.

Learning skills is always a lot of fun, but when it’s learning with a group of pros and beginners, it gets more easier to grasp, attract, learn and grow. There is so much to learn, understand and enjoy the process that even your mind resists or finds it difficult at first, which is why when classes of art, music, languages etc when taught in an open environment to allow students to use their creativity etc helps every student bring out their best in all ways.

I want to add an example of my friend’s toastmaster experience. Toastmasters are people who take the stage with hosting, raising a toast, debating etc and it has a great importance in the international community. In India too it is gaining momentum which is a good thing. In this toastmaster’s club, my colleague met a person who shared his experience of how he turned himself from someone who was always bullied in school, college, workplace etc and how he overcame this to become a great toastmaster with an experience of over 2.5 years. Such is the power of learning new skills, venturing to new fields that there is a whole new vibrancy added in your life, keeping all the old experiences at bay.

The other day, at my workplace, we had to make a video in French, with each team member sharing their work experience but (mind you – in French). We had a few colleagues already trained in this language and since some of us did not know a word and were so clueless, they trained us in pronounciation and the portrayal. It was really so much fun learning those lines and also enacting out, the whole experience was fun.

What I really learnt from this French experience is that – Energies are contagious, you become what you really surround yourself with :).

So wake up, take a deep breath, think of those skillsets you want to brush up, classes that you want to join, the martial art pro that you want to become or the courses you want to pursue for your own happiness with the groups of pros and begin, remember – If you are not willing to learn, no one will help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you :).

No age for change!!

The saying goes – “If Nothing changes, then nothing changes”. Too confusing a quote but definitely has a deep meaning hidden.

How many times have we felt stuck in situations, resisted change, accepted adversities and hardships or chose a way of life as permanent?. The truth is we are resistant to change, of any kind. Same applies for our mind to accept the changes. Our mind is a storehouse of thoughts, the secret it has to our destiny they say. One thought in your mind can definitely change your life. You do not have to wait for years or months, change can happen when you want it to happen.

A justification to my blog’s title are my stories below –

My brother is 40 years old , blessed with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. At his age, the most common notions of a 40 year old is that of a slightly grey haired, stout, pouched stomach man grumpily going to office and getting back home all tired, with no life goals apart from paying bills and taking kids and family to shop. But my brother made life changing decisions at a point of time or rather probably chose to have a lifestyle that helped him not only be healthy, fit like a 25 year old but also have a proper mindset and physique , that has now made him an inspiration to me, his family, his colleagues and friends.

My brother told me once that he chose to have a healthy Lifestyle, remain fit, happy with work-home etc all because he wanted his family to be happy. He is definitely a hero to his children, an idol to me – his youngest sister because of his life changing decisions.

Of course it wasn’t an easy task at first. It takes courage to make such decisions and come out victorious. As Robin Sharma says – “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end”.

Another story is of a good colleague of mine with whom I have worked for around 4 years and have seen his life change from nothing to something. I have seen many colleagues of mine who choose to while away their time, just work, get home party on weekends and add no value to their lives at all. He was one of them. His life 4 years back revolved more around friends, work, sleep, TV that’s it. After 2.5 years – when he was given the opportunity to go on rotation to San Francisco for 6 months, his life changed. He began making serious changes to his life in terms of gaining knowledge, building a good physique, trying a hand on cooking etc. When I met him after he got back to India , he continued to stick to his decisions and changes so much that now he has his own set of goals to achieve, works out on his fitness everyday, is working on publishing a book and chooses to contribute something for humanity by being an example himself.

Such is the power of change that you can bring to your life. You don’t have to wait till you hear YouTube videos on motivation or hear people giving you gyaan on bringing about change in your life. All you have to do is start, adapt to the changes and make it a part of your life 🙂

Rightly said – “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But you know what is even more scary – REGRET!!”.

Remember – You only live once and you are always one decision away from a totally different life!! 🙂

The power of ‘her’ choices!!

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” – W.E.B Dubois.

I’m sure there are millions of stories of “The She rising ” (the phenomenon which I like to call), that also led to the world now opening its arms to feminine superheroes.

But I definitely found it ironic when I came across two women of different mindset and upbringing. One was meek, shy, her eyes staring at all the new faces at a clinic just like a new baby would stare at everyone when she comes into this world and opens her eyes for the first time. This girl was all of age of 21 – she had come with her parents for a scan as she was 8 months pregnant. It came as a shocker to me, as I sat in front of her looking at her, at times wondering why she chose to undergo this pain at such a young age.

Her father sought my help to fill his daughter’s scan form as he had forgotten his spectacles at home, and when I filled in the details I was in shock to see her age, her stage and also the word – Emergency written on that form. Looking at her condition, I felt our culture and country is already in ‘damage control’ mode, it is high time we stop ruining our daughters’ lives in the name of religion and cultural boundaries and restrictions.

On the other side, a story of a Muslim woman from Kashmir fighting terrorists who had barged into her home to kill her and her family caught my attention too. Her she was – meek, shy and scared (notice the pregnant girl also had the same behaviour) that at first she hid under the bed on the behest of her mother’s appeals. But when she saw how her mother stood like a warrior saving her kids and not giving in to the terrorist’s demands, she jumped out of the bed with a pole in hand and attacked them. She quickly used her presence of mind and grabbed the gun and shot at killing the terrorist instantly.

The moral that I gained from these incidents is that of decision making, attitude and strength. As Frankl Viktor writes in his book, “Man’s search for meaning” – “Everything can be taken away from us, except the ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances”.

To bow down to cultural laws or to stand out to fight – is a decision you could take, to stay in the closet or to raise your voice and fight for your rights – is a decision you could take. To depend on your family or to stand for their support/protection is a decision you could take. It all lies in one decision that definitely shapes your attitude and becomes your strength or your weakness. It is a choice that rests in your hands. It is you who could choose your path and go ahead. Women now are on par with men. Being a woman myself , I consider myself also as the ‘Man of the house’ supporting my family in all ways just like my brother does.

There is definitely a takeaway in these stories of the two women. The choice is yours – which one would you choose??