Your new motto must be – “Judge no one …”

They say – Seeing is believing. We end up believing what we see to be true. But these days, we have a new discovery that we have made and are following, apart from seeing and believing and that is – pass judgements on people. When you don’t see people doing things normally, as per “society norms” – give them a label or a tag, give your commentary or give your judgement on their lives, decisions and on them as a human beings. These new breed of people are called – “judgmental people”. Have we ever thought why sometimes people’s lives … Continue reading Your new motto must be – “Judge no one …”

Let it go – Live a life of no regrets!

Life is short , they say – make the most of it. But somewhere we are all stranded on all temporary situations, troubles, arguments, misunderstandings that don’t last forever. From worrying about future to not being happy with our jobs/salary, tensed for promotions to holding age old grudges for long. Life needs to move on for good. Thinking of incidences of my life, I’ve had situations in my college, where I did not like this group of friends and everything I did, I was tagged as “attention seeker”. For me friendship did not mean seeking attention. Just that the value … Continue reading Let it go – Live a life of no regrets!

The little toffees of life!!

Toffees – once upon a Time our favorite! At times no barrier of age so we still love them. The joy on a child’s face on seeing/getting toffees/chocolates is priceless. Some like to keep more toffees with them to enjoy the taste later and some like to share them with their loved ones to make them happy. Sometimes you share them out of happy occasions, sometimes you don’t need an excuse of an occasion to share this happiness wrapped in little crisp covers. Life also has some toffees too that it offers you – have you grabbed some?. Now if … Continue reading The little toffees of life!!

Ice breaker – The color of my wings!

The blogger should get a chance to have an ice breaker on her webpage. So here I am, adding my life story in my poetic way – that I had an opportunity to present at a platform. Enjoy the story 🙂 (PS – Your own life could be an inspiration too 😉 ) Ah! How excited I am to share with you my short life story, Let’s do a little twist and bring in the complex science category. Oops! Don’t worry, I won’t start a lecture that amplifies your pain, Instead, I will present my life story portrayed to the … Continue reading Ice breaker – The color of my wings!

Life’time’ – make the best of it before it’s gone!

Life definitely gives you jolts you never would even think of, in your wildest dreams. I cannot believe the ironic situation that my life put me through – where on one side I published my blog on road accidents to create awareness, and just the next day I lost my first cousin, aged 38 to a bike accident in Malaysia. It’s hard to believe at this irony of life – My family and I are yet to come to terms of his loss. It’s still hard to believe that he has left us but when I look back at his … Continue reading Life’time’ – make the best of it before it’s gone!

Road accidents – Your duty call to action!

In India, a lot has been developing in terms of economy and growth aspects. Inflation and petrol prices are rising along the lines of a rise in road accidents – thanks to many factors like bad roads, rash driving, non adherence to traffic rules etc. Analysis shows that the distribution of road accidental deaths and injuries in India varies according to age, gender, month and time. Age group 30-59 years is the most vulnerable population group, though males face higher level of fatalities and injuries than their female counterparts. Moreover, road accidents are relatively higher in extreme weather and during … Continue reading Road accidents – Your duty call to action!

Small efforts – immense happiness!

We always weigh life events to be big or small in terms of deriving happiness out of it. Small incidents also are as important as the big ones. I have always felt the importance of doing little things that bring immense happiness. We always wait for bigger events in life like passing in exams, getting a job, getting into a new school, entry of a new family member, birthdays, anniversaries etc to celebrate. But have you ever thought little incidents that happen on a daily basis can also be celebrated? I have my perspective of looking at daily life incidences, … Continue reading Small efforts – immense happiness!