The Bollywood guide to communication!!

Bollywood has projected the true essence of India in many ways – in terms of our bondings, our relationships, our dreams, aspirations, our families, our culture etc. A lot fictional but heart touching too. I’m a great fan of Bollywood, having more of romantic and inspirational movies as my favorite than all other genres. A die hard romantic at heart but somewhere movies leave a lasting impression for me for good. I’m one of those completely crazy chaps who literally goes ‘Awww’ing at any romantic scene or dialogue. Think of the movies like – Kuch Kuch hota hai where Kajol … Continue reading The Bollywood guide to communication!!

The 16 best life lessons kids teach us!

Children these days really amaze us. Their talks, their actions can really surprise us to the extent that we start thinking of how we as kids were – merely this smart and completely naive and innocent. We always think it is our responsibility to teach kids values, qualities etc but these days kids teach us too. If you observe how the kids these days think, talk or their acts – there is so much that they teach us which could definitely be lessons for life. There is a reason why children are considered next to God – they are naive, … Continue reading The 16 best life lessons kids teach us!

Change – Painful yet beautiful!

Life is all about change but change is always frightening. Change is sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful but most times it’s both. They say, “Change is inevitable”. You can’t do without changes in life. How often has it been easy to switch our habits, goals, lifestyle, our attitude, behavior etc?? It’s never that easy!!. We always fight within ourselves for the discomfort we feel when we change anything in our surrounding or within ourselves. This fight is within us, within our minds. Do you know how the mindset of each individual works? If a person brings about a change in his/her … Continue reading Change – Painful yet beautiful!

Procrastination – The thief of our dreams!

“Not today” , “Let’s do it tomorrow”, “Not in the mood for it today” – our usual favourite dialogues for anything we want to do for the day – be it workouts, writing, hobbies, complete an assignment or homework, presentations or achieving your goals. This attitude called ‘Procrastination‘ is the biggest disease of our minds and thief of time. How easy it is to put things to tomorrow right , we tend to begin doing this once and it easily becomes a habit for us. Missed a workout today or going to the gym? It’s okay, I’ll go tomorrow. Not … Continue reading Procrastination – The thief of our dreams!

Men’s day special – The mystical side to masculinity

Frankly I found it weird when I got to know we had an international men’s day celebrated every year in the month of November. I never thought if men should really be celebrated for their masculinity or physical strength or egoism or for being the top of everything (No offence please). When I started my blogging journey I began to observe people and their lives in search of inspiring stories and I have definitely started looking at the positive side. This also holds true for seeing the positive side to men. The images I had of men were those who … Continue reading Men’s day special – The mystical side to masculinity

Lessons from our generations.

There has been a whole generation research done for our generations of Baby boomers to millennials to generation X and Y etc. And the parenting group among each generations have something to teach us. Pure disclaimer : The facts that I am sharing below are purely related to my family , my parents, Grandparents only. I have observed their thought processes, the foundations of my family’s values and learnings that I have chosen to share my views on them. To give a brief introduction to the generation divisions , those are listed below – (and I am going to strictly … Continue reading Lessons from our generations.

The power of State!

Think of the moments you have been really ecstatic and happy, could be when your child was born, or you passed an exam or achieved accolades etc. Now think of the moments where you have just dipped down in your moods, felt low, sad, annoyed, depressed at times due to a loss of a family member, an event that happened unexpectedly, things went awry etc. Now these moments are two extremes of one person. We face both the good and the bad in our lives. Do you know what you call such moments ?? – it’s called a ‘state‘. When … Continue reading The power of State!